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Project Intelligence
Interviews & Presentation
Winning Strategies
Executive Summary
Proposal Branding
Proposal Production
Set-up & Management
Generating Evidence
Formal Client Engagement
Proposal Writing & Review


Project Intelligence

Before you set off deep into bid country, you need to know the lay of the land.

Project intelligence helps you to understand your customer and their drivers.

Win Strategy

How are you going to win? Do you think offering your best product or service is enough?

Winning starts with a strategy. Sell inspiration. Remove pain. Blindside the competition. Your intelligence will help you choose the right strategy to win.


How do you get really good quality innovation into a bid? How do you even get it out of your head? Once you have articulated it, how do you present it?

Bid Country will help you understand how to innovate.

Proposal Branding

Branding influences decision-making. Your proposal branding should be led by your win strategy.

A strongly branded proposal does half your work on a bid.What’s on the outside is a promise on what’s on the inside.

Set-up & Management

Who’s coming on this journey with you?

Don’t settle for the only people available. Choose the best people for the job.

Then you need to develop version control and a way to manage multiple authors.

Formal Client Engagement

If you’ve ever thought “But meetings aren’t scored!” think again!

Every contact with a client is an opportunity to reinforce that you are the right partner.

Get strategic about how you engage with the client.

Writing & Review

Don’t recycle your bids – it shows.

Each bid should be bespoke. And what you say is just as important as how you say it.

Follow our Masterplan guide to writing your bid responses and you’ll be on the right track.


The end result is your chance to differentiate, stand out and create a great impression before your client has read a single word.

Don’t treat it as an afterthought. You should plan at the strategy stage so that you can involve your designer and printer.

Executive Summary

Your Executive Summary is your showcase.

It’s the outline of the Big Sell. It tells them why they should choose you.

And it should articulate your strategy in the most direct way possible.

Interviews & Presentations

This is it. Last exit to Win City. You’ve worked hard and you’re tired.

So this is where you need a burst of power to get you over the line (you can rest after you’ve won).

These closing stages are vital and your watchword is: prepare.