Public Sector

How secure are you?
We examine what recent cyber security scandals mean for public sector procurement and how you can become more secure.

Private Sector

9 ways to win without bidding
Unlike the public sector, bidding isn’t compulsory in the private sector. Here are our top tips for a proposal that will seal the deal.

Third Sector

Last night a checklist saved my life
Why a compliance checklist is an essential bid tool no matter what sector you’re in.


How do I get into the world of RFP’s?
Shine Bid Service’s David Moorhouse explains how he found himself in the world of bids.


5 of the most common design mistakes in RFP’s
We reveal how design can go wrong and how to get it right. Follow our top tips to make sure you steer clear of the pitfalls.


Our bids electric
5 benefits of electronic bid submission. We highlight the advantages of increasingly popular bid portals.

Sector Focus

Construction: Sustainability
Don’t assume that governments have stopped caring about sustainability. They just want us to take the initiative.


And don’t f**k it up
Presentation lessons from Ru Paul’s Drag Race.