This is the key to winning. It’s the answer to why you should pick us. It’s the plan and the tactics to get us there. Once you have committed to a strategy – stick to it. Your intel informs the bid strategy. The strategy shapes your solution and communicate why you are better than the competition.

Create it – hold a kick-off session with the entire bid team to agree the bid strategy. Present your intel. Elevate the one big idea or “Big Sell” of your bid, capture this within the Bid Control Sheet.

Communicate it – make sure all the team knows the bid strategy

Test it – with the Customer to make sure it aligns to their requirements and expectations

Review it – after every major milestone, keep checking you’re still on the right track, consider any new intel you get hold of

Commit to it – don’t lose the strategy along the way, too often you can lose sight of the strategy as you migrate through to bid.

Sell it.

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